Unseen Worlds is a record label releasing quality editions of unheralded and revolutionary, yet accessible, avant garde music. We are interested in media that capture a timeless ecstasy of creativity, that seem out of space, alien, yet are deeply resonant and approachable. They are both primary and mysterious. They contain multitudes, engaging the listener through their historical context and sheer musicality.  Our releases are surprisingly disparate and reliable.


Worldwide distribution of Unseen Worlds is handled exclusively by Secretly Distribution and their partners.
North America wholesale inquiries: domestic@secretlydistribution.com
International wholesale: international@secretlydistribution.com


If you've gotten so far as to record the music, upload it, and consider us as an audience for it, you already possess the majority of the skills that it takes to be successful with a release. It is tempting to think the last missing piece to a successful music career is a label. Our label, or other labels, are not the last missing piece to success. Believe us we've tried. Our artists ensure their own successes and we just help where we can, which is very limited. At the moment, the label is particularly limited in capacity with committed projects and we are not trying to expand to new projects. That said, we're always happy to hear music that people send us. Forgive us if we make you wait long for a reply and that it's something similar in tone to what you just read. We are no less grateful for the gift of your music.


Get in touch with us directly: unseenworlds@unseenworlds.com
Connect with us on our socials: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram