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Sam Ashley & Werner Durand
I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good

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I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good is a new recording collaboration of Sam Ashley and Werner Durand. Sam Ashley’s mystic parables imbued with benevolent humor are drawn from a lifelong pursuit of a present-day shamanism. Werner Durand’s wind work on invented and traditional instruments stems from the minimalist tradition, routed through his own unique studies of obscure world musics.

The two artists first met in Berlin in 1984 while Sam was touring Atalanta with Robert Ashley’s opera company, with whom he was a principle vocalist for many years. Sam Ashley’s work has appeared on other Unseen Worlds releases (J. Jasmine: My New Music) and in solo and collaborative performances alongside “Blue” Gene Tyranny and other artists across the world.

Werner Durand, also active since the late Seventies, performs music for saxophones, Iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments. He is a linchpin figure in the experimental music scene in Germany and abroad following formative studies with Ariel Kalma and Gilbert Artman in Paris, Indian Classical Music with Kamalesh Maitra, and Iranian Ney with Ali Reza Asgharia. He has worked notably with David Behrman (Music With Memory), Arnold Dreyblatt (Animal Magnetism), Muslimgauze, Henning Christiansen, Catherine Christer Hennix (Born of Six), David Toop, and Amelia Cuni (Ashtayama, Diasporagas). He also was a longtime employee of Ursula Block’s gelbe MUSIK (Broken Music).


Fifteen Questions Interview with Werner Durand “There are times when I wish I could just stay inside the music, not because I reject so-called reality, but because I experience it as a kind of ideal one. Setting up situations where this can happen for both performers and audiences should be a goal. The Dream House concept by La Monte Young is a very good example. Just let the dream come true.”

Sam Ashley on the Meaning of Trance: Lucrecia Dalt dives into the world of trance and hypnagagogic states with experimental composer and performance artist Sam Ashley

“ ...In no time at all , Werner Durand has earned the right to comparisons with minmalist titans Terry Riley and Yoshi Wada.” - Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector 11, 2003

“...Sooner or later we will have to give a prominent place to Werner among the important figures of post-minimalism” - Gino dal Soler, Blow up, December 1999

Track List


1. I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good (17:51)
2. Love Among The Immortals (21:08)


<span>Produced by Werner Durand</span><br><span>Mixed by Werner Durand and Taylor Deupree</span><br><span>Mastered by Taylor Deupree</span>