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"Blue" Gene Tyranny

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• Jewel Box
• Color Booklet with art by Philip Makanna
• Liner Notes by "Blue" Gene Tyranny
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Detours is "Blue" Gene Tyranny's first album of new piano works since 2003's Take Your Time. A beautifully recorded collection of tracks composed between 2004 and 2010, Detours belongs to a rarefied class of supremely listenable and beautiful piano albums that are not encumbered by any new-age shabbiness. It possesses the sort of timeless and elegant romanticism so unpretentious and accomplished it seems to at once effortlessly canonize itself.

The four pieces on Detours have their origins in disparate sources of inspiration - a longtime friend in San Francisco, a chance visit to a Quaker meetinghouse, a choreographed dance, philosophical intuition. Harmonic discourses begin at a pre-determined location and wind up at a totally unexpected place. Tyranny is a master pianist, able to follow mood and impulse to uncharted new territory.


The New York Times "It's been eight years since an album of his new work, and about half of 'Detours,' his new album on Unseen Worlds, is prime stuff, including two major solo-piano pieces: '13 Detours' and 'George Fox Searches.' He does not stint on beautiful things - major arpeggios, soul-chord progressions, lines that flow and breathe - and his keyboard touch is rounded and gorgeous, a feeling you remember."

Track List


    1. 13 Detours (12:15)
    2. George Fox Searches (19:26)
    3. She Wore Red Shoes (11:27)
    4. Intuition (5:51)


    "Blue" Gene Tyranny - Piano and electronics

    • Track 1 was recorded at Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, CA - Feb. 14, 2005, Phillip Perkins - Recording Engineer
    • Tracks 2 and 4 were recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn, NY - July 21, 2010, Tom Hamilton - Recording Engineer
    • Track 3 was recorded at the Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA - Feb. 20, 2005, Phillip Perkins - Recording Engineer

    Tom Hamilton - Mixing and audio sweetening
    Richard Sheff, Thomas Buckner - Executive Producers

    Photos © Philip Makanna / GHOSTS

    Special thanks: Kenn Beckmann, Sarah Cahill, Jonathan Doff, Sime Viduka; For their generous support: Nora Farrell, Dick Wayman

    About "Blue" Gene Tyranny

    • "Blue" Gene Tyranny
    • “Blue” Gene Tyranny, born Joe Gantic and then adopted as Robert Nathan Sheff, lived a life dominated by music.

      Blue’s approach to music is best demonstrated through his own words:

      Music is my way of being in the world. It teaches subtle feelings, natural growth, social interaction, and more. Music is the art of time passing filled with motion, emotion, locomotion, love of sound, and much more in bits and pieces. Music takes care of two basic needs that last throughout a lifetime: the need to relate to others and the need for freedom.

      He created over 50 works for various electronic and acoustic instruments and voices, which research mysterious natural and social phenomena. Born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1945, Tyranny lived in each of the four corners of mainland U.S. During the late '50s, he studied with pianists Meta Hertwig and Rodney Hoare, composers Otto Wick and Frank Hughes, and organized new music events in Texas with composer Philip Krumm, including several festivals at the McNay Art Institute – premiering works by Cage, Corner, Maxfield, Ono, and others. After earning a BMI Student Composer's Award in 1961, he moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

      During the '60s and '70s, he toured with jazz and rock groups (Carla Bley Band, Iggy Pop, the Prime Movers Blues Band, etc.). From 1971 to 1982, as a Lecturer and Instructor in Music, he taught "Recording Studio Techniques", "Harmony and Counterpoint" (three levels)," and "Jazz Improvisation and Literature," and served on graduate committees in the Music Department of Mills College in Oakland, California. He also worked as a technician at the Center for Contemporary Music, a non-profit, community-access facility located at Mills College.

      He moved to New York in 1983, where he was a self-employed composer-performer of solo and group concerts, audio consultancy, film soundtracks, and commissioned work. He performed extensively in hundreds of concerts throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, and also in Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.

      "Blue" produced, recorded, and performed on many albums of other composers' music (Laurie Anderson's Strange Angels, David Behrman's On the Other Ocean, John Cage's Cheap Imitation and Empty Words, etc.), and he composed the harmonies and piano improvisations for Robert Ashley's television opera Perfect Lives. He created over 40 soundtracks for film and video, collaborating on projects with video artists Kenn Beckman and Kit Fitzgerald. His theater and dance collaborations include pieces with the Talking Band, performance artist Pat Oleszko. 

      "Blue" Gene Tyranny died on December 12, 2020 in Long Island City, New York at the age of 75; his death was brought on by complications from diabetes.