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Carl Stone
Electronic Music from 1972–2022

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Electronic Music from 1972-2022 seeks to frame fifty years of Carl Stone's compositional activity, starting with Stone's earliest professionally presented compositions from 1972 ("Three Confusongs" and "Ryound Thygizunz", featuring the voice and poetry of Stefan Weiser – later known as Z'EV) up to the present. This collection is not meant as a definitive history but rather as a supplement to be used alongside the previous two archival releases. It is simultaneously an archival release marking Carl Stone’s evergreen 70th birthday and a document of archival art. In the spirit of disorienting repetition and layering, call it an archive of archiving.

Stone’s practice emerged from the repetitive archival process of his graduate job at CalArts preserving vinyl recordings by dubbing them to tape. With perhaps 10,000 albums ranging from Renaissance and electronic works to music from across the globe, he had to re-record multiple discs concurrently, creating chance collisions and coincidences.

In the decades since, he’s explored various ways to compose this process, creating temporal envelopes in which found sounds – existing tracks or field recordings – can take form. Whilst the technologies he’s used have changed and samples have varied beyond categorization, what’s remained consistent is his concern for organizing temporal experience using fragments of pre-existing sounding events.

Stone's impish collage-like constructions of times cut from time suggest that archival records are neither wholly in documents preserved from change nor in living memories and use, but in their interaction.


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Track List


1. Three Confusongs (1972)
2. Ryouund Thygizunz (1972)

3. Vim (1987)
4. Noor Mahal (1987)

5. Flint's (1999)
6. Morangak (2005)

7. Ngoc Suong (2003)

8. L'Os à Moelle (2007)

9. Walt's (2022)
10. Kustaa (2022)
11. Merkato (2022)


Liner notes by Ed McKeon, Jace Clayton and Carl Stone
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu

“Al-Noor and “L'os a la Moelle” originally issued on the Intone label. Special thanks to Rick Frystak
“Morangak" originally issued on Sonore and Nu NuLAX NuLAN label. Special thanks to Franck Stofer and Ugh.

Thank You: Dinah Bird, Rick Frystak, Jonathan Gold, Hae Kyung Lee, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Joy SIlverman / LACE, Franck Stofer, Morton Subotnick, Barry Schrader, John Payne @ Cal Arts, Ugh, Christian Zanési, Z'EV, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

All Music © Carl Stone / Electro-Acoustic Music (ASCAP)

About Carl Stone

  • Carl Stone
  • Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of live computer music.  He studied composition at CalArts with Morton Subotnick and James Tenney and has composed electro-acoustic music almost exclusively since 1972. When New Music was exiting the loft scene of the 1970s and entering the more commercial realm of the 1980s, Stone guided his art through that transition period by fusing his compositional ambitions with systems of live performance that were simultaneously pop savvy, commercially suicidal, and technologically forward-thinking.  He moved away from pure electronic sound and was among the vanguard of artists incorporating turntables, early digital samplers, and personal computers into live electronic music composition.  An adopter of the Max programming language while it was still in its earliest development at the IRCAM research center, Stone continues to use it as his primary instrument, both solo and in collaboration with other improvisers.  In addition to his work as a composer, Stone served as Music Director of KPFK-FM in Los Angeles from 1978-1981, director of Meet the Composer California from 1981-1997, and President of the American Music Center from 1992-1995.  He currently divides his time between Los Angeles and Japan, where he retired as a faculty member of the Department of Media Engineering at Chukyo University.